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8 years ago




Until I've got my SQL database running I'm going to be updating this manually but that's cool. So 3 weeks ago I started learning web development full time. Following a course I got in a bundle for £59 (RRP $1,200 apparently). It's been really good, I've covered HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, PHP and MySQL. And I've created everything you can see up in the 'code' menu (top-right) plus this site of course.

I started with what has become my 'Hello World' exercise.. The Tap Timer. I originally wrote this in objective-c as part of my iMedic paramedic app for iOS. It was intended to be for quick assessment of breathing rates but I actually used it for heart rates on babies because it was easier than counting (at up to 200bpm for 15 seconds!). So it's nice to have ported that over. I added the hertz mode and metres for an extra challenge.

As I was working on that I was developing my original site and getting those dropdown menus nice using jquery. The parallax background image was later! I then got to work on my drinks unit calculator, which was another port from my iMedic app. That, although I had the bare bones working in a few hours, turned out to be a major ballache but I hacked out a mostly-working version after a few frustrations. The code is messy and my UI skills have improved since then so I'm going to re-write it soon but it's there anyway.

Whilst doing that I was learning about PHP which has got me that much closer to making some of my other project ideas doable. The first thing I did, whilst listening to the opening lecture on PHP was make this! But I also realised that with PHP I could swap in and out style and script sheets depending on user preference so I played around with that on Style Changer

Oh yeh I also created a wordpress site where I made pages for my various project ideas but then I got cold feet and pulled them. I don't think any of them are so original that they are worth stealing but it's just that I'm so close to being able to make them myself that I might as well just wait and do that!

Finally, yesterday I made this dozenal calculator which I've wanted for ages for some reason. It also represents a massive improvement in style and coding over the drinks calc so I am pretty pleased with it although it's not finished yet.


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