Welcome to my world, a place where ideas run wild like the marmalade of your mind..


The purpose of this site is to provide a single location to put all the projects I’ve been working on (cerebrally at least) in one place. And also ptovide a playground to test my coding skills

I hope it'll help me keep track of my ideas and progress them beyond just ideas into actual things that people can use. And similarly I hope that sharing my thought processes, especially the really retarded ones, will entertain and potentially inspire conversation and collaboration leading to better ideas and inventions.

I refer to all of these ‘ideas’ as projects, although most of them have barely been developed outside of my head so far. And I’ve broadly categorised them as being either Hardware, Software or Miscelaneous.

So its kind of part blog, part journal and part collaboration station. Please feel free to chip in and share your thoughts or links to relevant resources in the comments, and/or e-mail me personally. Enjoy.